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Milwaukee's M18 is line is here!

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special order

We specialize in special orders

With access to DoItBest's extensive warehouse, dozens of hardware and home supply vendors, and two of the largest art and hobby suppliers in the country, we can get almost anything even if we don't have room to stock it in the store, so feel free to come in and ask. Almost anything we order can be here within a week.

Paint Matching

Custom Paint Matching

Finding that perfect color for your house is tough, so we're making the job just a little bit easier for you. With our top of the line X-Rite color matching system, we can turn just about anything, from another store's color chip to a t-shirt, into a can of paint just for you.

Screen Repair

Screen Repair

We repair many types of window & door screens. We can also install your new screen into your existing door or window frames. Stop by today and ask an associate how we can help you!

Key cutting

Key Cutting

From house keys to automotive laser cut and transponder keys, we offer a wide variety of key cutting services and most keys can be cut within minutes.

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